It was just a month ago we were joking that the virus would never impact our lives here in the US.  Naive as that sounds today, we didn't see this coming so quickly. As of this date (4/1/20) our lives are in disarray - not sick (yet) but everything on hold.  Plans cancelled or significantly change, family out of touch, local business interrupted and travel out of the picture.  Although our lives and schedules are up in the air, we are still optimistic and secure. Our lifestyle while on the road, is hermit like.  Staying away from people is easy and familiar to RVers. For the time being, we have decided to stay at our property in FL.  Our community is isolated and the weather has been good.  We stay away from people, but we can still enjoy nature and warm weather.  However, we don't know what our government will do to curtail our travel further.  Now we can do grocery shopping but that's about it.  

This month we share a few little known coronavirus facts as well as an interview with Patrick from RV Life. 

We are always interested to hear how the new way of life is effecting you and your family, so please share.

Note: There will be a few months of transition as I recreate the RV Navigator website using new software.  My old standby, iWeb is no longer useable so I am forced to recreate the web content in newer software.   Viewing the web site may be a bit painful for a while, but bear with me as we make the necessary changes to become a modern website.

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel

RV Navigator Episode 180

April, 2020

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Two Covid-19 resources that you’ll find interesting. Above is a front line doctor explaining how the virus is spread.

Below is the world wide interactive map of virus hot spots and progress.

Kinsa web enabled thermometer

Kinsa US fever map

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