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RV Navigator Episode 220

August, 2023

No camping this month, but we’ll be “on the road” for the next 9 months as begin our adventures with a cruise from Bergen, Norway to NYC for 28 days.  July was fairly quiet as we celebrated the 4th at home enjoying great summer weather for most of July.  The Chicago area has not been plagued with the weather extremes experienced by much of the country.  We took the opportunity to get out doors but just not camping or RVing.  With the knee given the final OK by the doc, we are set to travel once again as the adventure continue.  After the cruise (leaving on August 2) most of September will be spent heading south with the RV.


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Consumer Reports recently tested the range of 2 EV pickups while towing a TT.  Below are the results. In my opinion, these pickups are not ready for towing prime time in the RV world. However as the article points out, these EV trucks have some good towing points, too.  Let us know what you think.

Water front sea food lunch is served in 

bergen, Norway just before our cruise departed.