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We are the traveling Wisemans. Navigating the RV world to make your RV life more enjoyable. 

A few pictures of us and our rig

Welcome to the RV Navigator. Just a bit of introduction is in order. We have been avid RVers for almost 45 years. As most of you, we started small (van Camper) and moved up over the years until we are now live in 2012 Dutch Star motorhome nearly half of the year. Since retiring we have been moving around the country in search of great RVing experiences. We are anxious to share, listen and disseminate the RV lifestyle. Whether you are a novice or experienced, full time or part-time, old or young, we will have topics of interest to you. Give us a listen the next time you hit the road. Then send us suggestions and comments. Thanks and we’ll see you on the road. 

Evening in Florida

Setting up the Podcast

Your Hosts

Satellite dish provides us with TV while on the road

In June of 2014, we purchased a second motorhome for our home away from home. This is a major change as it is all electric as well as 43 long. It will be the fodder for many podcasts. Did we make the right choice?

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In 2011 we swapped out the Jeep Liberty for a new Grand Cherokee. This is a much better fit with the license “I Push RV” draws some comments.