RV Navigator Episode 221

Fjords & Whales & Fjords

September, 2023


Greetings from the open seas of the North Atlantic as we cruise from Bergen, Norway to NYC over 28 days. Wildlife is always unpredictable, but during the recording of the podcast we spotted a whale outside of our cabin window.  It was a WOW moment and indicative of our travels this month.  A mix of wildlife (mainly birds and water mammals) and water scenery including glaciers, waterfalls and fjords.  All three countries that we visited had an abundance of fjords with picturesque little towns at the end.  Of the three countries, Norway provided the best photo opportunities.  And it was the warmest.  Otherwise the trip to the north was a cold and rainy experience however interesting it was. 

This itinerary provided us a chance to travel further North than we have every been - 76 degrees north and only 350 miles from the north pole.  We spend quite a few days north of the Arctic circle where the sun doesn’t set until November.  Twenty-four hour daylight is an interesting experience that we had not had since Alaska in 2012. Most of Alaska is below the Arctic Circle so we were considerably further north than drivable Alaska.

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