RV Navigator Episode 210

Remembering Kvass

October, 2022

Airalo esims for use in foreign countires.  Good for the new iPhone that doesn’t have a sim slot.

Inflatable cooler is below:

Note that in the podcast we make a reference to this is episode 209.  It should be 210.

Take off on our next trip happened mid month as we flew to Riga, Latvia for the beginning of our tour of the Baltics and Scandinavia over the next couple of weeks.  We have been surprised at our lack of knowledge of this area plus the many tourist attractions that make a visit worthwhile.  Riga has turn out to be very walkable, scenic with art nouveaux neighborhoods. I of course had no idea what Art Nouveaux was, but after doing some touring, we learned that it is a very ornate style of building. Riga's buildings have been restored to their original beauty making them shine. We open this episode with a music selection recorded on the great pipe organ of the Riga Cathedral (dome).  It is one of the largest pipe organs in the world with almost 7000 pipes. Our tour will take us to 5 countries over the next couple of months.  Next months podcast will be made from the road again.

We take you on tour with us plus we share several RVing topics from an inflatable cooler to streaming hints.  I watched the iPhone introduction this month with interest because I am planning to make an iPhone purchase when we return.  I was shocked that Apple has eliminated the sim cards tray, but I found a solution for over seas travel.  Please keep in touch via email if you questions or comments.


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