Looking Ahead to 2022

Our annual New Years podcast finds us feeling lucky to be healthy after another year of Covid. Little did we know at the beginning of the year that we'd still be in the grips of this pandemic.  Last January we were so thankful to be vaxed and hoped that we'd get this pandemic under control.  However the fates turned our differently and we are still in uncertain times.  We do plan to head to Ft Lauderdale on Jan 3 for a cruise, but will the ship sail?  Tune in next month for the conclusion of this story.

Otherwise, we are in FL for the month and enjoying good weather and looking at RV from afar.  

We do share several stories and updates about RVing projects that we have been working on.  How is your mobile internet?  Interested in Boondocking? How about the biggest RV ever?  All of these are stories that we cover in this episode of the RV Navigator.

RV Navigator Episode 201

January, 2022


Your RV Navigators decked

 out in their Christmas best.

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