RV Navigator Episode 206

Ten Days in Quarantine

June, 2022

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After joking last month about the possibility of having to quarantine, it happened to us. We were escorted off of our cruise and into a hotel for a 10 day quarantine due to positive covid tests. Neither of us were sick, but the policy is that a positive test requires a quarantine period off of the ship. So we spent the first 10 days of May ensconsed behind the door of a hotel in Brussels. The hotel delivered 3 meals a day to our door to keep us healthy and well, but otherwise we were confined to our 5th floor room. We had many quarantining neighbors on the 5th floor as 3 Viking ships had their covid positive passengers transferred to this hotel. Not fun, but we have lots of insights to share about traveling abroad at this time. How to return back to the US is challenge for most of those testing positive. We did of course make it back home on May 11th after the full 10 day quarantine period so in the end we are safely back but the adventure was trying even for experienced travelers like ourselves. Undaunted. However, we'll be traveling back to Europe in July. This time we'll be ready to a quarantine should we test positive again.

Although we have not been RVing this month, we have kept up with the RVing world.  We have new reports on Starlink, black tank chemicals, new websites, as well as our usual rants and laughs about our RV life.

Episode 206 Web links 


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After 5 days of quarantine, we were allowed to take brief walks outside near the hotel.  It was good to feel some fresh air and sun after so much time spent in the hotel room.

Below: Our Viking guardian angel passed out covid self tests daily so that we could check our covid status.