RV Navigator Episode 231

By Land and Sea

July, 2024


As most of our listeners know, we’ve traveled most of the US (and Canada) in our RV.  We have been to New England, NE Canada on several RV trips.  Always enjoyable.  Our current adventure is via cruise ship with an itinerary from NYC north through the St. Lawrence to Quebec.  Approaching this itinerary from the water side proved to be a different experience.  The ship made port calls at NYC, Boston, Newport, Portland (Maine), Halifax,  PEI and Quebec plus two ports that we had not driven to on past trips.  So first cruises can dock in islands.  Plus our driving adventure didn’t include the north side of the St. Lawrence.  It is a difficult drive in this part of Canada so we skipped it on earlier trips.  The cruise pulled right into downtown - no driving necessary (plus of course I didn’t have to do any navigating.  The island port was canelled due to bad weather.  Always a problem on cruises.  We still have not visited the French Canadian islands. On this point, cruises often dock in the CBD.  The NYC Manhattan pier is very close to the action.  Boston, Newport and Portland are similarly positioned for easy touring.  Camping outside the city and driving the towed into tow can be taxing for any RVer. 

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Your RV Navigators on a recent cruise to NYC and Canada.

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