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RV Navigator Episode 184

A Solidary Fourth of July

August, 2020


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With the covid virus still with us, we have remained at home, with no firm travel plans. Martha is still recovering from shoulder surgery (9 weeks out now), so we are using the time to bring her back up to normal.  Should the pandemic subside, we’ll be ready to travel.  

Ken is still the main cook and has found an app to help manage his many recipes which you’ll want to hear about.

Should you want to listen to previous episodes of the RV Navigator, more are now available for downloading.  I have spent several hours reconnecting broken links to old episodes.  It is amazing that we have been doing this podcast for over 15 years so there are alot of episodes to engage your ear.

We do feel that RVing is one of the safest travel options. There are still those RVing and enjoying the outdoors in one of the few travel modes still available.  From our reading, we find that camp grounds are for the most part open and accepting guests.  The summer season has not gone to waste for many of our listeners.

We share apps for documenting travel, something we have done for many years.  There are a number of useful apps and websites that make journaling easy and fun.  As seasoned travelers ourselves, we are advocates of journaling in some form.  We OFTEN refer to Martha’s online journal to jog our memories.  If you are just starting out, take our advice and start journaling.  You’ll appreciate it in later years. 

We also delve into several other topics including the ongoing Gas vs Diesel discussion.  I try to make it easy to understand for the non technical RVer.  We also share many ideas and suggestions from listeners.  We appreciate their contributions and encourage sending us suggestions.

Below left - Dave’s 1973 $125 electric calculator - Wow and it does sq roots!

Below right - my new favorite recipe app, Paprika 

Cordless stick vacuum for RV. Does an nice job on hard floors plus is light and easy to use.

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We enjoyed fireworks and a DQ treat from the comfort of our car on the 4th of July.  Our community tried to have local fireworks viewable from home locations so as not to attract the usual crowds.  This worked quite well and we enjoyed the evening - our only evening out this month.