Just after the last episode, we moved from Italy to France to join our river cruise in Bordeaux. This involved a short flight across the 2 countries landing in Paris and a bus trip south to meet the ship. The weather was very hot as expected in Summer, but the AC was was subpar in most locations. Sailing the rivers of the Bordeaux region of France, means learning about wine. This is the heart of the wine region and the grapes are treated with reverence. We, of course, tried our share of the fine wines of the area, but din't come away overly impressed. Earlier in the trip we enjoyed many varieties of Italian wine, which we felt was equal to the French wines. Traveling does give one the opportunity to make these comparisons first hand.

After our flight home and jet lag recovery period, we pickup the RV for a quick trip north to the Cape Cod of the midwest, Door County Wisconsin. This destination, just north of Green Bay WI, is know in the local area for its harbor towns and picturesque water views, crafts and a cool weather alternative to the summer heat. Located n Lake Michigan, the views are similar to those you'd find in ocean side communities.

Of course we have our usual list of interesting RV topics. New books, an e-bike conversion, RV road services and much more are on our agenda for this episode.


Finally we’re back to camping in the North woods of Wisconsin

Door County is famous for its lighthouses

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 Jokes about high gas prices

    •    I got gas today for $1.57. It was at Taco Bell.

    •    My friend was robbed at the gas station today. When the police arrived and asked, “Did you recognize the thief?” she replied, “Yes, officer! It was pump number 7.”

    •    The guy next to me just put $10 worth of fuel into his gas tank. Where does he think he’s going? To pump number 3?

    •    Good news! The bank finally approved our loan and soon we plan to close on a tankful of fuel.

    •    Joe’s wife complains that he never takes her to expensive places anymore. So, he took her to the gas station.

    •    The average cost of a gallon of gas hit an all-time high again this week. If you plan to travel this summer, it might be cheaper to mail your car.

    •    Did you hear about the new federal government fitness program to get people walking more? It’s called “Gasoline at $6 per gallon.”

    •    So, let’s do a little math. The government takes about 40% of what you earn. The other 60% is taken by the gas station. No wonder my wallet is so light!