It was just a year ago, according to our local TV station, that we had the first reports of the Covid 19 virus coming to the US.  As we all know now, 2020 turned into a non-year as the pandemic took over our lives.  However, as 2021 comes into focus, we have reason to be optimistic.  Your RV Navigators will help you look at the RVing options and plan for a more normal travel future.

We did have several RV projects in the works for this month so take a listen to find out what we’ve done with our Diamond Shield removal project and install of lithium batteries.  Also as we are in the process of setting up a couple of future RV trips, we talk about our strategies for planning an extended trip.  Internet access is always an issue for travelers, so we have some thoughts on extending your cell data reach. Of course photography is near and dear to our hearts so we also share some ideas about the latest photo apps and cameras.

We of course chat about the RV topics of the month to keep you up to date with the goings on in the RV world. Join us for the lively conversation and feel free to join us on Facebook.

The Life Changing Shot

RV Navigator Episode 191

March, 2021


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Ken’s Zoom studio with portable green screen.

Gator on the loose as we do a round of golf

Left: My new fav no cal flavored water

Below: Use you cars engine as a generator for your house.

Above: One of the best cell data accessories is the $50 cellular antenna with suction cup mount. Here we are using it in the Everglades to increase the signal strength.  Your data device must have 2 (or more) antenna connections. This is our Verizon hot spot.

Right: Walmarts “Clear” brand of flavored waters.  Great taste, no calories,  and many interesting flavors. Available in all Walmart stores and online for 57 cents per liter.