The north woods of Wisconsin is our destination this month as we travel the back roads in search of fall colors and cranberry harvesting. We spent time boondocking for several nights using various tools. Boondocking is camping without services, something our motorhome is well adapted to do.  We can live comfortably for several days without outside connections.  This has become very popular in this time of the pandemic.  Social distancing is easy when boondocking.  Many RVers think boondocking and Walmart camping are synonomous, but there are a wide variety of resources for those interested in boondocking.  For the first time we used Boondockers Welcome website to fine and contact a private party who was willing to let us stay on their property as boondocks. We talk about this and other similar services.  

Photography was also on our minds as we drove the back roads looking for fall foliage. Software tips and trick are on the agenda this month. Listen for the details as well as photo tips.

Alaska in 2021?  Listen for our ideas on travel to Alaska.  We've been twice in the RV and serval times on cruises.  How should you tour our 49th state?

These plus several technology related topics are on this month agenda, so take 54 minutes for a listen and let us know what you think.  We appreciate iTunes reviews if you get a chance.

Cranberry Boondocking

RV Navigator Episode 186

October, 2020


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This is difficult to do manually. In this case I am using Luminar 4 as my software tool.

Below I’ve added a dramatic sky to the Chicago skyline

New photo editing software with AI can make dramatic changes with ease.  This photo has the sky replaced.  Due to sophisticated analysis, it took only seconds to make the swap. Note the cranberries are still visible in front of the replaced sky. 

No sky replacement, but I used bracketing to create a 5 image HDR (high dynamic range) photo. Software combines several images into one with much greater tonal range.  Many cameras will shoot HDR (including the iPhone) images ready for software processing in your computer.  I am using Aurora 19 to create the final image.

Three possible sources for inexpensive or free camping.  We’ve used them all and they are all better than parking lot camping, even for a single night.  These usually offer the option of something more than a nights stay.