RV Navigator Episode 215

Seeing the big five

March, 2023

This month we continued the South African safari.  We stayed in several tented camps along our route.  Every national park has it animal specialties, so  visiting several gives visitors a broad perspective on animal viewing and habitats.  We did of course manage to see the big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, cape buffalo, and elephants) plus hundreds of other type of animals and birds.  Tented camps are outposts in remote areas that offer visitors easy access to the game and a secure compound to spend the night.  Although they are called tented camps, and do have canvas tents, they are on the boondocking style tents pitched temporarily by visitors.  Instead they are permanent tents erected on cement pads with rooms for sleeping, changing and toilet/shower.  Most are run by generator so power is limited although some of our camps had A/C.  Game drives are a daily event beginning very early (before dawn) when the animals are active.  A game drive is just that, driving around in an open 4x4 looking for animals doing their thing be it grazing or killing.  No one knows what will be around the next bend, so game drives can be exciting or boring depending on the day and location.  The drivers have radios so important animal sightings can be shared.

At the end of the safari we headed back to cape town to begin our cruise which will end up in Lisbon at the end of March.

We do manage to cover some RVing topics this month.  Our internet is spotty so it is hard to keep up with the latest trends, but we do give it a try.


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Typical Tented safari camp - note A/C unit outside tent.