Back to IL and normal travel is our mantra this month.  We left FL to head north and a more typical summer experience after 6 months being stationary.   The trip home involved  our annual stop in Gaffney, SC for a motorhome check up.  This year due to the age of the MH, we had all of the fluids replaced - expensive, but necessary.  We try to keep our Dutch Star in good condition so that we are not left on the side of the highway while on a trip. We also stopped Brunswick GA for a short side trip to Jekyll Island.  The June  calendar photo was taken on Driftwood Beach on the island.  We’ll be in IL until August when we head West for the fall.

We share ideas about RV buying, tank management, campgrounds, boondocking and many other current topics. How about a Rv bidet?  I have never thought about such a thing, but they are for sale - the Butt Buddy.  Who remembers the Jetsons animated tv series from the 60s?  They predicted many of our tech advances that we use today.  Fifty or 30 amp that is the question.  How much can your relay on 50 to run your coach? Kitchen ideas, water hoses and much more are discussed in this episode.

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Nearly Normal Travel

RV Navigator Episode 193

May, 2021


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We enjoy a couple of days on Jekyll Island on the way north while the MH get serviced in Gaffney, SC.

Below: The animated series from the sixties predicts the future, today.