At our FL home, we spent the month of December in isolation living in our motorhome. The warm weather makes doing outdoor activities fun and safe. We join the many listeners in saying a farewell to 2020, it could not leave fast enough. Join us for our NYE celebration, a little different this year due to our isolation. The year has been one of waiting and watching as news reports detail the dire consequences of this virus. We hope that all of our listeners are safe and ready for a much better 2021.

We did get a chance to hit the road for a short trip to Lake Okeechobee in FL. This is the largest lake in FL and is famous for it large mouth bass fishing.  We, however, were just campers staying in a very nice COE campground on the canal that connect the lake to the Gulf of Mexico.

RVs have been a popular means of travel this season so we thought that we’d spend some time talking about new innovative RVs that we’ve read about.  With most RV shows canceled, looking on line or at local dealers is all we can do these days.  We’ve also included a link below to a listing of the 10 most popular RVs. 

Once  you get your RV, you’ll want to keep it looking sharpe so we share our ideas for keeping the RV looking good. These and many more RV tips and tricks are yours for listening to this months podcast.

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Christmas with Covid 19

RV Navigator Episode 189

January, 2021


Our FL rv resort had a ball drop for New Years Eve. The drop was not far, but it did help ring in the new year for us. 

Christmas brought the boat parade and golf cart parade.  We get excited about small events in these times.

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Below: Seasonal variation in daylight hours. We gained 90 minutes of daylight by moving ot FL

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