Indiana Dunes SP or NP?

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RV Navigator Episode 219

July, 2023

Our brief camping trip to the Indiana Dunes was a big success. Perfect weather, nice campground, RV working perfectly all came together to make a great experience this year. The beach in this park is very nice plus of course the water is fresh - and fairly warm at this time of year. We stayed for 3 nights. Even though I made the reservation on January 3, this was the longest midweek reservation available. What is your experience with campground reservations lately? We are working on reservations for our fall trip south to FL and are finding reservations at public campgrounds to be fairly easy to make. A major topic this month is photography Ai & its impact on my photos. The new Photoshop Beta includes generative AI as a major upgrade feature. It is amazing as you can see on this episodes webpage. AI has been coming to photography for a while, but this feature of Photoshop takes it to the next level. In this episode we also share some new websites focused on RVing. How about planning a RV trip that follows the 70 degree temperatures? This plus some new RVing planning sites will give you some ideas for next years trips.


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This months calendar photo before and after using Photoshop’s new generative AI to add a few elements to the original photo

What Photoshop AI can do 

In addition the the above example, the AI has a  couple of other tricks up its sleeve -

It can create an entirely new picture from a word prompt and it can add content to change the aspect ratio of photo.

            Before                                                                     After

Which is the original camera photo and which is the AI generated image based on a text prompt?