RV Navigator Episode 203

Monkeys and Birds

March, 2022

This episode was recorded on the road, as we traveled south this month on a planned group trip to Costa Rica and its many national parks.  Although CR is only the size of West Virgina, it has as many national parks as the US.  In our 3 weeks in country, we will visit just a few of the major parks in their system.  The parks range from jungle to mountain and we have worn long pants and jackets in some parks and jungle attire in others.  Sometimes in the same day.  Much of the focus of these parks is the animal/bird population.  We have seen many birds that we recognize from Florida, but we’ve added to our bird list with some new finds.  Animals we’ve seen include sloths, monkeys, and a bunch of others whose names I cannot remember - but I do have pictures.  Every day has been a photo adventure.  I recently upgraded by system to include an 800mm tele lens.  This has helped me get some great shots of animals at a distance. 

Covid is taken very seriously in CR.  We are required to wear masks in all indoor settings and many outdoor settings.  Every establishment has a hand washing station many with temperature checks.  Every though our small group is it’s own bubble, we still take temps and wear masks when together.  However we have not had to take any covid tests to travel.  Returning back to the US will require a COVID test before boarding the plane.

RVing is still on our minds even while traveling outside the country.  We share some reasons why we travel in a Class A diesel pusher rather than another type of RV.  Several new gizmos  and gadgets have attracted our attention and we give some technology updates.  

Of course our hotel internet is spotty but I have manage to mount the podcast on time (it took over 40 minutes to upload (usual time is about 30 seconds), but it does seem to have made the trip to the host server ready for downloading.


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A rare sighting of the Quetzal bird was our lucky fortune on one of our walks.  Other sightings were more common, but still fun for us.