The beginning of the month found us on the high seas in the Caribbean aboard the Silver Spirit for 11 nights. This was our second "covid" cruise, and like the first it went off without a hitch. Testing and vaxing were part of the routine, but these were not oppressive on a daily basis. We of course were nervous about the covid protocols that have been put in place but they were manageable and did not detract from the cruise overall. Our general reaction is that this is the time to cruise, if you can. With reduced passenger loads, welcoming crew, and generally lower tourism traffic, the ports are open to many adventures. Our ship was able to maintain it original schedule, although 2 of our shore excursions were cancelled due to low numbers. With only 50% of the passenger capacity actually onboard, some activities were naturally curtailed. This was our first time on an upscale ship (Silversea) with a large cabin and butler service (this was due to reduced per diem due to covid).

After the cruise in Mid-January, we headed to the Tampa RV Super Show. We were not shopping among the 1200 new rigs, but focus on solving a few smaller problems that plagued use recently. Being able to talk with factory representative is very helpful when solving minor problems. We spent 5 days in the Florida Fair Grounds parking lot in good weather enjoying what the show had to offer and seeing a bit of Tampa. Attendance at the show was a record levels, so RVing is still popular. We share what's new and what we saw at the show in this episode.

Which engineer thought of this? - The commode out in the open with windows and doors for easy viewing!

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The perks of luxury cruising - a served meal on the balcony and aged beef steak cook table side.

My rocket launch photo with booster rocket return from 1/22. Shows launch from Kennedy Space Center, staging (white) with booster return at a sunset launch.