You’re part of the podcast revolution that is taking place in the media world. You listen to the RV Navigator! We are navigating the world of RVs with your help. We give our best travel tips for the RV life as well as suggest new lifestyle technologies. During this travel down time, I have been tracking podcasting news.  Podcasts are becoming a major player in the media world earning thousands via ads.  We of course have buck this trend, no sponsorship or interruptions during our show. This is unusual as most podcasters are expecting to become rich via this new medium.  We’ll continue as we are until the audience is gone.  We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, so keep them coming.

We do recommend several apps for this episode.  Martha has been recovering from shoulder surgery which has interrupted her sleep pattern.  We share our impressions of AutoSleep as a tool for tracking sleep issues.  It works.

Does the RV size have a major impact on the places you can camp?  Always the question from new RVers.  Listen for our answer in this episode along with our best tips for long term RV travel. 

During a short camping trip to an Indiana State Park, we had to rely on video streaming rather than our usual satellite for entertainment.  Find out how it worked and our suggestions on the technology.  We suggest several new apps for TV watching.  

These plus many other topics are discussed in this episode.  Be sure to visit the episode web page on the  Thanks for listening. 

R U Streaming?

RV Navigator Episode 185

September, 2020


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Virtual Wine Tasting.  After receiving our 6 bottles of wine in the mail, we set up computers to watch the wine makers and share with friends with their at home wine tasking.  Who would of thought that we’d be doing this in this time of the Covid Virus?

Indiana Dunes State Park

Our spacious camp site with social distancing built in.  

Left: Chicago skyline view from the state park beach at sunset.

Right: Our recommendation if you want to track your sleep and you have an Apple Watch.