Note: There will be a few months of transition as I recreate the RV Navigator website using new software.  My old standby, iWeb is no longer useable so I am forced to recreate the web content in newer software.   Viewing the web site may be a bit painful for a while, but bear with me as we make the necessary changes to become a modern website.

We’ve moved - safely from FL to IL (both bubbles of safety in gated communities) via our mobile bubble (the MH). Owning a lot in FL allows us to be flexible about moving. Even through our park was closed to outsiders renting, we could stay or leave as we chose.  We understand that many full timers didn't have this option as states closed RV parks. We definitely feel their pain.  Although we were supposed to be traveling overseas at this month, We had no definite departure plans but as the weather gets hot in FL, we knew that it was time to head north. How long will the economic shutdown last, we don’t know, but we're ready for and extended stay in place.

<br />Our 1200 mile trip home was uneventful - little traffic, low fuel prices, and open camp grounds made the trip one of the smoothest ever.

<br />This month we make some suggestions for activities like geocaching as well as streaming lots of video.  On more serious topics, we learned about toilet paper and masks. Two months ago we would not have even mentioned either of these but they have taken on new meaning in this time of C-19.

RV Navigator Episode 181

Bubble to Bubble to Bubble

May, 2020

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Diesel fuel fleet discount program - a way to save major dollars on your fuel stops.  Be sure to mention the Wiseman’s as your reference so that you can share your discount.

As the parks begin open we all need to be reminded the virus is still out there and we need to be careful, respectful and caring about nature and each other.

Volunteers work tirelessly to make things as safe as possible, but we can’t do it all, we need everyone to pitch in and help. Park rangers, maintenance personal, volunteers checking in boats, everyone is working hard to be sure you enjoy the camping experience. 

You can help us make the parks safe and fun for everyone. Still practice safe distancing as best you can. 

1. If you use the bathrooms leave them as clean as you found them and use safe practices in the facilities. 

2. Remember to bring disinfect wipes for vault bathrooms. 

3. If playground equipment is available for children remember staff do their best to disinfect, but can’t stay on top of it all day long. 

4. Wipe down that picnic table, volunteer staff do their best, but best practice is bring your disinfect spray and wipe it down before you use it. 

5. Please remember to pack out your trash. Most parks have dumpsters, please use them.

6. Respect everyone’s camp space and practice social distancing.

7. No one is 100% sure pets cannot get the virus, please pick up after your pet.

Happy and safe camping to everyone