As the pandemic roars on, we look down the road to when it is history - exactly when we don't know but we can see the end (we think). We've gotten our first shot so we hope to be able to travel this year but have no solid plans until 2022. We are focused on our RV and living our stationary life in FL. 

There is lots of news in the RV world to share like the new adventure RVs that are popping up everywhere. We didn’t attend the Tampa SuperShow this year due to Covid concerns, but we do have a report from the show - it did happen in 2021.  One are a major growth is in the Adventure trailer segment.  We have a link below for the complete article, but this popular new type of RV for the rugged outdoor types.  

We spent a few days in the Everglades this past month.  We try to do a little travel every month just to keep our skills honed.  We didn’t go to Everglades NP, but the “Everglades” is huge with many access points. On the north side is the Tamiami trail (highway) the transverses FL.  We stayed at Midway NFS campground and did a few private (read safe) tours of the area.  Unfortunately it is still suffering from the hurricane flooding last fall when they had 28” of rain in a couple of days.

We of course chat about the RV topics of the month to keep you up to date with the goings on in the RV world.  Join us for the lively conversation and feel free to join us on Facebook.

Looking Down the Road

RV Navigator Episode 190

February, 2021


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Your RV Navigators do a swamp walk in the Everglades and get a vaccine shot with the second one promised later this month.