RV Navigator Episode 217

Adding a New Knee

May, 2023

Due to Marthas ongoing knee problems, we scheduled an operation to replace her knee months ago.  Finally on April 11 the surgery was completed very successfully. Successful does not mean pain free or nothing to do after the surgery.  We have spent time in pain mitigation and PT as she works to make the new knee strong and ready for the many adventures to follow. It will take a couple of months, but after her complete recovery, we can hit the road in the RV to once again due justice to the RV Navigator podcast, but for now we are at home in recovery mode.  We do have lots of interesting banter as well as an interview with Betty Chambers who authored a book we mentioned last month, RVing with Bikes.  We also talk about the latest developments in AI technology, alligator safety, a computer monitor suggestion and much more.  Let us know your thoughts and ideas at rvnavigator@mac.com


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