RV Navigator Episode 197

A “Tire-ing” Experience

September, 2021

After cruising last month, we are back on the RV trail. We embark on our trip west to meet the planned RV Caravan leaving from St. George UT. We left a few days early because the trip is almost 1700 miles from our home base in IL. Lucky we did because we had a couple of extra stops along the way to get tires fixed.

As hard as we try to keep the rig in good operating condition, things still happen. We first had a flat tire on the Jeep (towed car) and then a more serious flat on the motorhome. The later breakdown took about 36 hours (and a bundle of cash) to get fixed, but we arrived in St. George in time for the caravan to begin. Our itinerary for the next month will include many iconic national parks in the Southwest including both North and South Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, plus other scenic attractions like Moab and Monument Valley. All of this and we are only driving about 1600 miles in 31 day so these parks are all in the same general area.

We share our caravan experience and tips on general RVing in this months episode. Please join us and share your experience with us on Facebook.


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Camping at a Utah State Park - Everything camping should be.  

Tire trouble in first in Nebraska with the towed and then the motorhome in Colorado -