RV Navigator Episode 177

Welcome 2020

A New Decade Begins

Note: There will be a few months of transition as I recreate the RV Navigator website using new software.  My old standby, iWeb is no longer useable so I am forced to recreate the web content in newer software.   Viewing the web site may be a bit painful for a while, but bear with me as we make the necessary changes to become a modern website.

The annual end of the year celebration with our listeners takes place on 12/31/2019.  We open the bubbly and talk about the year in review.  The RV Navigator podcast started in 2006 on a whim.  Since then we have shared our travels lives and had many great interactions with our listeners that have been very rewarding for us.  The podcast has grown, but kept its purpose - to inform and give perspective on the world. We have been traveling the world for over 40 years and we love sharing our experiences and hearing from others about their experiences.  As we head into our 70s, we don’t know  how much longer we’ll be doing the podcast health and wealth will determine future episodes However, for the present, we continue on with travel plans for years to come. What will the next decade bring? We hope lots of RVing and travel.  In this episode we share RVing ideas and wrap up our recent travel to the Middle East.  General NYE silliness and ideas for the future take up the hour. 

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