RV Navigator Episode 178

The Basics: Water, Tires, 

& Batteries

March, 2020

Note: There will be a few months of transition as I recreate the RV Navigator website using new software.  My old standby, iWeb is no longer useable so I am forced to recreate the web content in newer software.   Viewing the web site may be a bit painful for a while, but bear with me as we make the necessary changes to become a modern website.

Stationary in FL for another month. We are all about sharing our RVing experiences with our listeners. In January we attended the Tampa RV Supershow with the idea of learning what's new in the industry. We toured the lots and talked with vendors. This month and next we'll have some interviews vendors that have new products that we feel are of general interest to our listeners. Today, we welcome Keith with a new water filtering product as well as David sharing his fleet tire program we described briefly last month. We look at new water filtration products, replacing our 4 yr old batteries & a tire buying service you should know about. Our 8 new T105 67lbs each batteries were purchased on a discount offered at the show. Is the Tampa Supershow worth attending? Based on this months topics, absolutely yes - or listen to our podcast to learn what you should know. 

We leave FL later this month to head north - a bit early this year as i will have to winterize again (April is just too early in IL) but we are cruising in mid-April headed to Europe.

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Above: Midwinter sailing aboard the RCL Harmony

Below: This months interview with David Ward from NTCS.

Episode 179 Web links 

Duet adds an iPad as a second monitor for Mac and Windows desk/laptop computers.  Requires only a single wire and software/app install.

Left: Go Pro Max - 360 Action Camera.  Lens on both sides of the body.

Right: a new type of water regulator that doesn’t restrict flow.

With the helpful assistance of neighbor, Keith, the new Trojan AGM batteries are installed.  Only 8 at 67 lbs each.  Just a few wire to keep track of.