This month we share our top 5 places to visit with your RV when we can again travel. We did these lists independently so they are slightly different, but we both chose Alaska as the number 1 destination.

The north woods of Wisconsin is our destination this month as we travel the back roads in search of fall colors and cranberry harvesting. We spent time boondocking for several nights using various tools. Boondocking is camping without services, something our motorhome is well adapted to do.

 We intend to stay safe and not do the traditional family celebrations, so we celebrate with our listeners.  Welcome to the new Thanksgiving!

Our trip south slower than normal-good weather and plenty of time had us camping in southern IL - of all places. 

Read the details of our itineraries on our RV Travel Blog.


We give our best travel tips for the RV life as well as suggest new lifestyle technologies. During this travel down time, I have been tracking podcasting news.  Podcasts are becoming a major player in the media world earning thousands via ads.  We of course have buck this trend, no sponsorship or interruptions during our show. This is unusual as most podcasters are expecting to become rich via this new medium. 

With the covid virus still with us, we have remained at home, with no firm travel plans. Martha is still recovering from shoulder surgery (9 weeks out now), so we are using the time to bring her back up to normal.  Should the pandemic subside, we’ll be ready to travel. 

The Covid-19 induced vacation form travel continues as the summer progresses.  There is no let up in sight so no travel plans for us. As we record the podcast, our original schedule called for us to be on the road with a 2 month long RV caravan to Canada on the west coast.  

Another month of quarantine, that 3 and counting. What will our world look like once this is over? After 3 months of Quarantine, all of the days at home seem to be the same. The Ground Hog day movie takes this idea to the extreme.

We’ve move - but safely from FL to IL (both bubbles of safety in gated communities) via our mobile bubble (the MH). Owning a lot in FL allows us to be flexible about moving. Even through our park was closed to outsiders renting, we could stay or leave as we chose.  We understand that many full timers didn't have this option as states closed RV parks. 

As of this date (4/1/20) our lives are in disarray - not sick (yet) but everything on hold.  Plans cancelled or significantly change, family out of touch, local business interrupted and travel out of the picture.

Stationary in FL for another month. We are all about sharing our RVing experiences with our listeners. In January we attended the Tampa RV Supershow with the idea of learning what's new in the industry. We toured the lots and talked with vendors. This month and next we'll have some interviews vendors that have new products that we feel are of general interest to our listeners. 

Winter is time for RV Shows & we attended the Tampa SuperShow. We had several questions to get answered by the factory reps at this show. We also visited hundreds of vendors selling all types of RV products.

The annual end of the year celebration with our listeners takes place on 12/31/2019.  We open the bubbly and talk about the year in review.  The RV Navigator podcast started in 2006 on a whim.  Since then we have had many great interactions with our listeners that have been very rewarding for us.

Your RV Navigators are on tour in the Middle East for about a month. Leaving in the middle of the month, we are on target to visit Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt on this month long adventure. So far we have learn much about this volatile part of the world.

A month of highs & lows.  We attended the Newmar Rally in Syracuse NY along with 450 other Newmar motorhomes.  This 8 day event provided us with a chance to see the latest product and get some repairs-updates done to our coach.  Newmar brought 55 techs to the event to provide service and repairs for coach owners.  We took advantage of this service

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