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Want to know a little secret that may save your trailer from being completely totaled?

We have a little story to tell you about the secret. Our full-time friend Kerri once watched, horrified, as her Airstream rolled away from her truck (while towing) and ended up three wheels off of an embankment.  One more foot or so, and it would have tumbled down and likely been totaled.

This photo shows where it was stopped by a small tree. So what happened? Her hitch weld failed, and it detached from her truck.

There's one thing that would have stopped this accident. Her breakaway switch.

But the thing is, she DID have it connected to her truck. So why didn't it work??

It didn't work because it was connected, as typically instructed, to the HITCH. Well, when your hitch detaches, the breakaway goes with it, effectively rendering it useless.

The secret is to attach the breakaway to something on the truck, not to the hitch. Doing so could save you a lot of heartache and money!

Kerri added an o-ring to one of her license plate screws and she attaches it there.

The secret is that you should never attach the breakaway switch to the hitch!

You can read her full account and see more photos on her Instagram account at Asolojourner.