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Welcome to the RV Navigator, your digital home for RVing information. Since late 2005, we have been providing audio reports (podcasts) on a monthly basis and sometimes bi-monthly, covering the RV lifestyle from an on the road perspective. We know that you spend many hours traveling in your RV so why not listen to RV specific information while on the road. Great idea! All you need is an MP3 player in the form of a smart phone, ipad, and/or a computer on which to download the RV Navigator. You can also stream the podcast if you don’t want to a download

Your guides (Ken and Martha) are avid travelers and spend 6 months a year or so in their RV moving around the country as the mood hits. They have been to all 50 states (only 49 in the RV) as well as numerous (over 93) foreign countries. They also share their experience cruising and traveling in general as they make their way around the world.

The RV Navigator is built on your input and their interests. They value your thoughts and ideas for topics. Please help out with suggestions They will share their thoughts on RV travel tips, technology for your RV, destination ideas and experiences and news for RVers. 

Everything about the RV Navigator is free - no commercials, but it depends on you to keep it viable. Please download, listen and participate in your source for information about the RV lifestyle, The RV Navigator.

Click on the “Rv Navigator Podcasts” link at the top of the page to access each of the episodes. They are archived here for your convenience along with the show notes. Show notes have the links and additional content that we are not able to show during the audio podcast.

You can also subscribe to the RV Navigator on iTunes - regardless of whether you have a laptop, desktop (Mac or Win) tablet or smart phone. It’s all free and ready for your ears with just a click.

If the podcast is not enough, give a read to their travel blog which details the daily adventures of RV travel in the US and else where. 

2022 Update:

The above text was written over 18 years ago for an audience that didn’t know anything about podcasts and podcasts were not seen as money making opportunities.  Since then our audience has grown to over 12,000 monthly listeners from all over the world and over 207 continuous podcast episodes each one posted on the first day of the month. 

We have branched out to include our travels beyond the RVing world - we take our listeners to all parts of the world as we explore and discover a wide range of destinations.  

Now a word from our sponsor - US.  We have no sponsors or ads.  We do not want to feel constrained by commitments outsiders.  We speak our truth as we see it - good or bad. Our episodes have no pauses for a word from sponsors BUT we want to hear from listeners - good or bad.

Covid-19 UpDate - Our travel world is beginning to open up as we have headed North from FL in April, 2022 and flown back to FL to join a cruise to Europe.   We did have several trips plans for 2021 but all were cancelled.    We stayed in FL for an extra few weeks before heading north to our summer home in IL.  Many of our plans have been moved ahead into 2022, 23, and even 24.  2022 should be a year with many trips planned - with idea that a couple may be cancelled.  We are still doing the monthly podcast with new ideas and old topics.  

We did experience a glitch in the travel plans when we were quarantined in Brussels for 10 day in May, 2022.  You can listen to our experiences at Episode 206.

With over 207 episodes in the can, how about listening to some earlier episodes for a blast from the past? Click on the “recent episodes” button above for a listing of earlier episodes.