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RV Navigator Episode 175

Hot Batteries

A month of highs & lows.  We attended the Newmar Rally in Syracuse NY along with 450 other Newmar motorhomes.  This 8 day event provided us with a chance to see the latest product and get some repairs-updates done to our coach.  Newmar brought 55 techs to the event to provide service and repairs for coach owners.  We took advantage of this service.

Also this month we spent a week using our Harvest Host membership at a variety of different types of HH boondocking experiences.  Overall it was a great experience and we’ll continue to use them when available. The month ended in Niagara Falls for a couple of days at this iconic tourist attraction. 

The final leg of the trip - back to Chicago - turnout to be an adventure of the negative sort. Our almost new alternator (new in January) failed again in Ohio causing a 2 day delay, purchasing 2 new batteries and plenty of waisted time.  We share it all and explain it all, and  answer questions in this episode. 

November, 2019

Note: There will be a few months of transition as I recreate the RV Navigator website using new software.  My old standby, iWeb is no longer useable so I am forced to recreate the web content in newer software.   Viewing the web site may be a bit painful for a while, but bear with me as we make the necessary changes to become a modern website.

Top: Our new engine fire suppression system is installed on our rig. This is a flexible heat sensitive tube filled with chemical fire retardant that rupture when it detects high temperatures. See the link on this page.

Below: Newmar techs replace our transfer switch - a 2 hr job for 2 men.

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Below: Using Harvest Host membership, we boondock for a night at a golf course in NY

Left: 450 rigs at the Newmar Rally and Iconic Niagara Falls with rainbow.