Sylvan Sport “GO” Rv -small & versatile

Country Coach Veranda option

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Your RV Navigators (& Friends) replace their RV TVs.

Sylvan Sport “GO” Rv -small & versatile

Country Coach Veranda option

First the frame, then the old TV come out

Empty cabinet with coax - screen in back provides ventilation for old TV. The cabinet did not have many strong points to attach a new articulated arm mount for the new LCD TV.  We mounted a piece of ply wood about 8 inches back in the cabinet on which to mount the new TV.

Above - arm mount as it comes out of the box.

Left - plate is mounted on TV using mounting holes provided by manufacture. LCD TV and mount assembly ready for cabinet install.

Base plate is mounted to plywood and TV is installed on the arm. Base plate is off center so that the TV will be centered in the cabinet. Elastic cords inside the cabinet hold TV tight to the outer frame for travel and general use. The new 32” LCD covers the hole left by removal of the old 26” TV.

Bed room TV replacement 

-Old 19” TV as factory mounted

We removed the wooden frame and then the old TV slipped out of the cabinet. I planned to use another articulated arm mount (upper right), but I found that the new 26” LCD would fit the cabinet opening from behind. The new TV was slipped into the cabinet and held tight to the front with make shift anchors made up of a screw, spacer and fender washer. Once the screws were tightened, the TV was held very securely against the back of the front of the cabinet (lower right).

Rope cam used to secure the TV against the old cabinet. Rope is attached to the back of the TV and pulled tight via the cam to hold it while traveling. Cam is attached on the inside of the left cabinet with the rope coming through a whole between the cabinets.

Short video of our install process.  The rope and bungee cord are used

to hold the TV tight against the cabinet while traveling. I am considering other methods to secure the TV but this one is invisible when the TV is in place.